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Emotion Code & Body Code Session
60 minutes 

$97.00 (Now $50 until further notice.)

Emotion Code & Body Code Packages
Package of 6 Sessions of 60 minutes ($87ea)
$522 (Now $250 until further notice.)
Package of 12 Sessions of 60 minutes ($77ea)
$924 (Not available at this time)

Reiki Healing  

20 minutes  


Pets and Animals Emotion Code & Body Code Evaluation & Session
30 minutes 


Body Code Sessions now include Evaluation Q & A


Sessions never expire. You can purchase now, use later.

 The True Love Resonating Relationships Program

Master the Love Connection: In Depth Body Code Healing Program designed specifically to enhance the capacity for both the giving and the receiving.  6 weekly Sessions of 60 minutes each, consisting of of four stages: Discover, Expose, Release and Heal. For both couples or singles wishing to improve relationships of all kinds. $700

The Financial Abundance Breakthrough Program 

Devised by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this in depth Body Code Program is designed to detect, address and release ANY and ALL energy blocks to financial wealth and abundance. Find your 100% Abundance Mode! Eliminate Stagnation and Lack Modes. A fast paced Energy Healing Program of 5 weekly Sessions of 60 minutes each, enabling The Law of Attraction to take place. $590 (Sessions never expire..purchase now and use later.)


Post Trauma, Anxiety & Stress Release Program

Post Trauma, Anxiety and Stress energy release. 2 one hour Sessions of 60 minutes. Detects and releases any excess Stress Hormone levels and their underlying cause. Explores Absorbed, Inherited or Past Trauma, Despair Anchors and Memory Fields. Heart Wall detection and release and Reiki 'Spirit to Spirit' reconnection with Divine Love Infusion. Further therapy reommendations if needed. On offer now: $199 (reg $250)

Life Force Infusion! A Detox Energy Cleansing Program 

2 Sessions of 60 minutes, specially designed to explore your Life Force Energy and Immune System Energy levels. Treat yourself to a Body Code healing boost with Immune System energy re-balancing, Toxin/Pathogen energy clearing and personalized Nutrition advice and Lifestyle recommendations.  $250

Weight Release/Re-balancing Program 

An in depth Body Code Program specially designed for identifying and removing  physical, emotional and Spiritual cravings energies, enabling weight release. With Meditation, Nutrition and Lifestyle recommendations. 6 weekly 60 minute Sessions. Includes Emotion Code and Reiki.  $700

The De-Clutter Program

Re vitalize yourself with this brand new Body Code Program that explores, identifies and releases the underlying emotions and energies that lead to holding onto clutter...emotional and mental clutter as well as outworn and useless physical things.

Free yourself up to enjoy life.

3 Sessions of 60 minutes. Includes addressing craving and addictive tendencies. $297

Fertility Program, Female Clients 

A​ Body Code Program specially designed to enhance fertility. 60 minute Sessions. $97 each. Includes The Emotion Code and Reiki. 

 Fertility Program, Male Clients 

A Body Code Program specially designed to enhance male fertility. 60 minute sessions. $97 each. Includes The Emotion Code and Reiki. 

Lower Back Pain Relief Program 

A Body Code Program specially designed to relieve Lower Back Pain.  60 minute Sessions. $97 each. Includes The Emotion Code and Reiki.  

F.R.E.E.D.O.M  Program.  For furthering higher consciousness and awareness

 Focus on and identify issues. Release the underlying energy causes. Enable the healing process. Evolve to ever higher awareness levels. Daily Meditation and Self Care. Observe with kindness and compassion. Manifest joyful presence with radiating love.                                                                                                    

  This 7 session course is designed to identify and release energy blocks hindering higher consciousness evolvement, clearing the way. A 60 minute Body Code Special Evaluation  Session with 6 further Sessions of 60 minutes. Course Includes varied Meditation Instruction and Reiki with Chakra cleansing and more. $900. 

No time to do Sessions now? No problem. Sessions never expire. Buy now and use later.


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Further 'Design For Life' Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki Healing and Specialized Program Sessions may be required. Energy Healing progress varies for every client. 


  •  The Circle Exercise Organize and enhance your Life Force Energy!  The Body Code helps you decide who or what  or where you wish to place the energy that surrounds you...whether it be people in your life, places or things.  This exercise is an additional option in regular Body Code Sessions. 
  • The Vision Board Exercise Vision Boards are a powerful means of manifesting in your life! The Body Code helps to evaluate the energies on your board. Which desires are flowing towards you freely and which ones are impeded. No vision board? Make one and then bring it to your Body Code Session for evaluation. This exercise is an additional option in regular Body Code Sessions. 

Personalize a Vision Board

Personalize a Vision Board


60 min BODY CODE Session

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